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Nevis Range sees 55% profit surge

Nevis Range, the highlands mountain resort, has experienced a significant surge in profits by 55% thanks to a £1 million investment package from HSBC UK.

The boost in earnings can be attributed to the construction of the new Basecamp Hotel and several retail outlets, including a restaurant, bar, and a bike hire shop.

The Basecamp Hotel, which opened its doors in April 2023, has already achieved an occupancy rate of 98% and the growing popularity of the resort’s hospitality and retail amenities is expected to drive its annual turnover up by £2 million, reaching a total of £5.6 million for the current financial year.

The expansion of the resort has not only strengthened its financial position but has also led to a significant increase in employment opportunities. Nevis Range has expanded its core team by 33%, now employing 100 dedicated staff members.

Chris O’Brien, managing director of Nevis Range, said, “Being in such a rural area, the nearby town simply wasn’t built to cater for the amount of footfall that Nevis Range has been bringing to Fort William – and demand for our attractions has only been increasing.

“So we’re really excited to be able to offer visitors a place to stay and relax on their sporting adventures.”

Mr O’Brien continued, “The pandemic was tough on the leisure industry, but it gave us time to pause and revaluate our goals and business plan. Expanding further into the hospitality industry to improve our overall offering has been part of that plan and we’ve really valued HSBC UK’s support in helping to bring our vision to life.

“We’ll soon be hosting the UCI Cycling World Championships 2023 this August, inviting 400,000 spectators to Nevis Range, and we can’t wait to give visitors a taste of our brand new services.”

Allan McGraw, relationship director at HSBC UK, said: “With its spectacular trails, views and the UK’s only mountain range gondola lift, Nevis Range is becoming a popular destination in the mountain sports scene.

“It’s fantastic to well-loved business explore new avenues and enter new territory as it works towards a future of growth and helping to bring adventure sports to more people.”


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