Sunday, June 16, 2024
Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Why Touch Points are important

By definition, a touchpoint is any time a potential customer encounters your brand–before, during, or after they purchase something from you.

In this new world that we are adjusting to, there are a barrage of new sensory experiences of touch and smell that have been enhanced with the constant use of hand sanitisers and the feel of a mask against your face to name a few. The key to helping a client begin to relax will require more mindful hospitality spaces that are considering the guest journey as they transition between travel and moving into relaxation in your facility.

A recognised trend in interior design is the addition of plants and the incorporation of natural materials to appeal to our sense of touch and create positive sensory environments which can help improve both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Something we could all do with a little bit more of right now.

Focussing on the sensory touchpoint for your guest is paramount to helping to build confidence in your operation and your brand. At BC SoftWear, we know from experience that one of the very first touchpoints that a customer has in a hotel or spa facility is the feel of the towelling on their skin. Whether it is in the guest bathroom, the hotel bedroom or in the spa, the touch of a fresh, fluffy and super soft towel or bathrobe will help signal a clean facility that builds confidence and reassurance for your guest.

You will be aware that you probably have one chance to give your guests the best experience that you possibly can. This is achieved by adding value to your offering and thinking about the entire customer experience. Taking the touch point idea to the next level, BC SoftWear can provide some simple and cost-effective methods to bespoke your towels. From a custom-made woven label for towels and bathrobes to a discrete embroidered logo, these simple transformations of standard lines will reaffirm the quality of your brand throughout the bedrooms, bathrooms and spa.

BC SoftWear are towelling experts with a wealth of industry knowledge and over 19 years trading. We offer a wide range of towels in various weights and styles and we pride ourselves in providing a uniquely personalised service for your business with the benefits of fast delivery supported by our large warehouse in Berkshire. We are here to help support your reopening.

Product Preview – Coming Soon – New launch the ‘Opulence’ collection in superior quality and super thick 650gsm with no header bar. This collection is designed for its simplicity of look for luxury hospitality venues. Opulence is perfectly suited for bespoke embroidered logos to support your brand.

Sizes: Hand towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheet, Face Cloth

Colours: White Contact +44 (0) 845 210 4000

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