Monday, December 4, 2023
Monday, December 4, 2023
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Virtual hunting experience at Maryculter House

Maryculter House, best know as a popular wedding venue is pivoting slightly and has lodged plans with Aberdeenshire Council for a new wooden lodge to house an interactive hunting experience.

Managing Director of the hotel, Peter Walker (right) said,“Maryculter House sits on the banks of the River Dee, and it’s such a big part of the hotel’s history and future”.

The virtual experience would be “in-keeping” with the hotel and be one of the first of its kind in the UK.

“I have always felt strongly about supporting local businesses and charities and more than ever during these challenging times, this has never been more needed. Contributing to this well-deserved and important environmental cause continues to be high on the hotel’s agenda.”

The concept will see groups invited to form teams and wear hunting attire as they shoot virtual animals on a giant screen against a backdrop of the Highlands.The aim is to offer an “alternative to traditional country sports”.

The trees will help prevent a repetition of the high river temperatures which damaged young salmon stocks on the Upper Dee two years ago.They will provide nutrition and shelter for all river species and they will encourage a wide range of wildlife to thrive.

Meanwhile the hotel has also cemented its commitment to support the Million Trees Project. Since re-opening on 1st August it has been asking dinners to add a discretionary £1 per person to their bill The cash collected is being donated to a local charitable trust,the River DeeTrust.

Dr Lorraine Hawkins, (left) River Director, Dee District Salmon Fishery Board & River DeeTrust said,“It is great that this iconic business is looking after its local environment by supporting our community- basedTrust and the river’s future.This support comes at an especially crucial time, as like many charities, we have been impacted by Covid-19.”

The money raised will go directly to supporting theTrust’s aims of planting 1 million trees over the next 15 years in a bid to encourage healthy salmon stocks and flourishing wildlife.The hotel currently owns two fishing beats on the River Dee.

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