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Design Focus: Cromlix House

When Andy and Kim Murray decide to to do something there do it well. The refurbishment of their hotel Cromlix House is a prime example.

The two bought the hotel 10 years ago, and having decided to manage the hotel themselves after their decade long contract with ICMI came to an end, they decided to create a new-look Cromlix and put their personal stamp on the hotel.

It was a project Kim took on with designer Suzanne Garuda. Kim says, “I worked with Suzanne on our family home, and I trusted her implicitly. I love her style and I knew we worked well together.”

The idea was to make the very most of the building and its incredible surroundings by bringing nature inside – connecting the outside to the inside. Says Suzanne, “Everything that is in nature and all the colours that are in nature, are in this building, the whole spectrum.”

Suzanne’s knowledge of the couple meant that she had a clear idea of where the project was headed. “Kim is incredibly down to earth and I knew she wanted something fun, a little bit casual, but ultimately luxurious and also welcoming.”

Kim has always said that she viewed Cromlix as a home from home. Now she wanted to put the families personal stamp on it which embodied the spirit and energy of the Murray family. She has done just that.

The hotel is ablaze with colour – from the deep red of the foyer, to the duck egg blue of the Drawing room, deep blues, pale pinks, botanical upholstery and rich velvets, add layer upon layer of interest.

The new reception was the original reception to the hotel and it has been reinstated. Polished floors, wood panelling and large colourful traditional rugs are in contrast to the large Damien Hirst paintings which adorn the main reception hall.

The foyer, the former entrance, has been painted deep red, and houses a grand piano which Kim loves. She is also proud of the restaurant The Glasshouse, which they have brought to life with greenery and colour.

Says Kim, “It has a bit more soul.” Another one of her favourite rooms is the bar which certainly delivers on a sense of drama. It is now a definite bar – with a wonderful marble top, bar seats and comfortable booths which give the bar an extravagant feel.

The other showpiece room is the Billiard Room – Andy’s favourite. Although the two inherited the table from the hotel’s previous owner, they have recovered it in a dramatic blue.

Designer Suzanne says, “It has a mad clubby vibe going on with the blue blaize table and snooker balls carved into skulls.”

The drawing room, which is primarily used for afternoon teas and and general lounging about, is a peaceful haven. The primary colours are duck egg blue and teal, the sofas have been upholstered with traditional floral fabrics and more modern botanical prints with a metallic sheen. To crown it all, it has a yellow ceiling.

The 15 bedrooms all have their own personality with different characteristics – and are beautifully presented, while the bathrooms have the wow factor. Last, but not least there is the artwork. Says Suzanne, “To me the art is the final piece of icing on the cake. Because Andy and Kim have such an appreciation for art themselves they understood it was a very important element in the design. “

There is the amazing Damien Hirst in the main reception hall but the hotel also features some great Scottish artists and up and coming artists too. Says Suzanne, “It’s like a personal gallery of art that suits the interior and reflects the personality of the owner.”

Kim concludes, “I hope anyone can enjoy staying here. Styles come and go, but I believe if something is personal, is well done and suits the environment, it becomes timeless. I think this hotel will evolve over the course of our family lifetime . We have so many plans over the next 12 months, this is just the start.”

Pictures: Verena Splett 

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