Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Design Focus: The Balmoral Suite, Cornhill Castle

Manorview have just invested £200,000 in creating a Honeymoon suite fit for a Queen so it’s not surprising that the group have called Cornhill Castle’s new addition – The Balmoral Suite.

This ambitious project saw the company turn one of the original turrets of the castle into a three-level luxurious wedding suite, where the company say that “couples can enjoy perfect seclusion.”

Anthony Cowley, Group Development Director comments, “The Balmoral Suite at Cornhill Castle was an ambitious project in an old building which threw up a few challenges. This is not just a formulaic honeymoon suite. Every tiny detail has been carefully considered. The overall effect takes a couple on a journey, and we’ve built in a few hidden secrets to add to that experience”.


The first level of the new suite has a large sitting room complete with separate bathroom. The fireplace incorporates a discreetly hidden flat screen television fronted by comfy sofas. Windows let in lots of natural light, with armchairs position by the windows to allow guests to enjoy the views.

 Walk up the swirling turret staircase, to the next level and you’re met with a stunning bedroom. The room includes a high ceiling, part of which was only discovered once renovation work started.


A huge sparkling chandelier hangs above the bed which was shipped from Italy and was so large it had to be taken into the room via a window. Lots of natural light floods into the room and there’s comfortable armchairs which also enjoy great views of the Lanarkshire countryside and views of the River Clyde. Step down a few steps into the bathroom and you’ll be met with a large hot tub bath, which was so big, it also had to be brought in through a window. There’s a two-person sauna and a rainfall shower which has been built into one of the original castle turrets. A discreetly hidden fridge will keep the champagne chilled.

All throughout the Balmoral Suite the furniture and fittings completes the tasteful yet elegant feel, which is in keeping with the entire ambience of the castle. It oozes an understated and timeless glamour.


The journey isn’t finished there. There’s more stairs to climb up into the castle turret where you’ll be met with another doorway which leads to a hidden surprise. Open the door and walk into a secret room which captures the magic of Cornhill Castle. What’s there? Well it is a surprise so let’s not spoil it!

The completion of the Balmoral Suite concludes a nine-month redevelopment programme which has included the inclusion of a new Grand Ballroom and the addition of three new bedrooms.


Further planned developments include a proposed conversation of an existing Grade B listed stable block into 15 bedrooms with an additional courtyard.

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