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Creative ideas from designer Yasmine Mahmoudieh to regain the trust of hotel guests

By Yasmine Mahmoudieh

With this unprecedented time, we need unprecedented action and ideas on how to contribute to the well-being of your  hotel guests.

Let’s wake up now and be creative and explore what else we can do to get the trust of hotel guests to come back and stay in hotels.

Once all the sanitary issues are taken care and there are many possible options as you see below, the journey really starts for the guest.

Possible solutions:

Integrate air filtration that can combat small particles

  • Better ventilation & better access and more-openable windows

  • HEPA filters and fresh air intake

  • Using the power of light to combat Covid-19!

New research has been done on using the power of light, preventing the airborne spread of coronavirus and influenza virus. There is a new particular type of UV light created, without the damaging effect of the common UV light. This could be ground-breaking. The goal is that these lamps could be incorporated into conventional light fittings so that it would be very easy to install them into public spaces. That would enormously help hotels opening up.

  • Nano surface coating

  • Use of non-toxic chemicals

  • Use of heat maps to explore areas of too much traffic

  • Distancing of furniture arrangements

  • 2m distance barriers need to be designed to not mimic a grocery shopping experience. Clever graphic design and corporate identity design is required

  • Self-check-in desks or spacious check-in areas

  • Fewer touchpoints, through sensor technology and voice control all

  • Eventually temperature sensors

  • Use of masks mandatory

  • Minibars can be stacked up with more healthy food and more thoughtful choices, and not be as mostly today, an afterthought

Sophisticated technology can improve the experience, but it should be invisible for the guest.

You could also have a ‘care page’ dedicated to all the daily sanitary measures that your hotel carries out from the products are used to disinfect rooms and public areas, reassuring guests that no toxic chemicals are used.

You could also take the temperatures each day of staff with guests too having to undergo a Covid test.

The experience…

Genuine care and authenticity, offering a healthy food choice, sustainable materials, warm lighting that replicates sunlight but also the warm light of that of a candle and the unforgettable sandalwood scent, can all contribute to giving us the holistic feeling.

A well-designed experience that transports you to another location is what hotel guests will be looking at and thoughtful design can make all the difference, mixed with sustainable materials and all sanitary precautions for the guest, in order to feel save, but also not to remind him or her of being-in in a sanatorium or hospital.

The memory of all the little pampering elements and the details are going to stay with a guest forever and you will have made a difference in someone’s life.

We like to help all hotel owners and operators when it comes to finding the best solution for current properties but also new ones. You have to think outside the box to master a problem that was unforeseen.

Let’s go into the near future and put yourself into guest mode:-

Imagine staying in a hotel that you spent a week or even two in and you leave it as a calmer, happier, healthier person. A scent of fresh flowers enters your room, that makes getting up easier.

Imagine having the most beautiful view on nature when they look out of their room. Having a small plant area on your terrace or balcony with the scent of jasmine.

Imagine taking a morning shower, that let us you choose from first a few seconds cold water or ending with cold water, by activating it on your app. And an explanation of why cold showering is boosting your immune system and helps you starting fresh into the morning.

Imagine doodling your most creative morning ideas on the shower glass and once you are outside, those are transferred to your tablet or phone. Not a dream, already reality!

Imagine that you just activate your app during your stay who is like a private butler. You want room service and the most delicious and healthy food you can choose from, you can see what ingredients are used, what the vitamins and minerals are in each dish. Which farmer do they come from and what your daily nutritional intake should be?

You are planning your day and you have on your hotel screen the top physicians, Pilates, yoga Trainer and meditation teachers to choose from and start your daily routine.

You get the weather report on your app or in-room tablet. There is a questionnaire to fill in from the hotel asking you what you like to accomplish each day.

You can fill out by multiple-choice your daily schedule including ‘thinking time’.

You can order some facial masks for that amazing anti-ageing cream from the organic garden products – all repacked and ready to be sent to your room.

You have your cross trainer in your room, that can take you over google maps to any desired location in the world. You can listen to your favourite songs while exercising with a view on your terrace.

You also get recommendations for inspiring books, after a few questions on your literature taste. Intelligent algorithms will propose you a few books that might interest you. Your in-room coffee machine with papier lid capsules, is contributing to your quiet moment of concentration.

The scent, sound, lighting, are all harmonised to make you truly feel special.

I could go on and on with this description… And the story could go on and on…

I hope you get the point in terms of pampering a hotel guest and that hotels are not just a place to sleep and eat in.

It’s about responding to needs not just reacting to wishes. And in the current climate it means to be addressing new needs.

Guests are not just being serviced passively but proactively.

  • Courses of nutrition

  • Healthy lifestyles

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

  • Self-help

  • Anti-ageing

And finally have you seen my ‘myKidsy playground’ for hotels

The mykidsy playground allows guests to relax while their kids take part in  meaningful activities and learn new skills. It offers many activities for kids.

Check out our different projects on

I like to end with the famous quote of Einstein – “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

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