Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Wifirst launches pilot in Aberdeen

RBH Hospitality Management, which currently operates 70 hotels in the UK, has chosen Wifirst, the creator of the first “Wi-Fi as a Service” platform in Europe, to digitise its hotels  – with Aberdeen Altens Hotel (pictured) being chosen as the pilot site.

The Wifirst Wi-Fi solution offers free superfast Internet in all areas of the hotel. The 216 bedrooms and 400-seat seminar room of Altens Hotel are connected to an optic fibre system managed by Wifirst and connected to its own core network.

Vibhu Gaind, RBH’s Chief Information Officer, said, “We are very happy with the work Wififirst has produced – the results at Aberdeen Altens speak for themselves. The service has been exceptional, and the roll-out quick and efficient, which is exactly what is needed to ensure minimum disruption for our guests. Our visitors are now able to enjoy even faster free, unlimited Wi-Fi, which has a positive impact on their overall experience at the hotel.”

The service proposed by Wifirst could quickly be upgraded as the network installed at Aberdeen Altens Hotel was compatible with Wifirst’s innovative “Room Area Network” solution. This solution consists of creating a private Wi-Fi network in each room so that guests can benefit from a connection experience that is just like at home. On the one hand, the Room Area Network solution enables customers to connect all their devices (even those that cannot usually access the connection portal), and on the other hand it allows the devices connected to the room’s network to interact with each other (file exchange, use of smart speakers, etc.).

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