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Wedding Belles

Weddings are big business. Here, we focus on the planners behind the best names in the business, like Gaynor Russell of Balbirnie House.

How long have you been a wedding planner and what brought you to the role?

I have been a wedding planner for 20 years!!! So literally could write a book. I was working in events in a large chain hotel and my boyfriend (now husband) at the time asked if I would come and run his wedding department at his own hotel. I couldn’t say no!

What is the most challenging thing about your role? Do you have help?

I would definitely say having won so many awards and recently picking up the Haute Grandeur Global awards we have a huge reputation to live up to and the bar is set very high on how we deliver on the day. It’s never a dress rehearsal for tomorrow so getting it right is and always will be our biggest challenge especially in a world of social media.

What do you like most about your job?

It’s a very positive job to be in as a whole. I still love meeting with couples full of joy and excitement and learning about the day they have been dreaming of. Every wedding is different so it’s never the case of two days alike so I love the diversity of the job.

What was the most unusual wedding/request you have ever helped organise? What is the average size of the wedding?

We don’t get so many weird and wonderful requests as such but we do deal with many cultures and traditions for instance, my Bride and Groom this week are dancing under a giant brioche which the Groomsman will hold up over their heads on a giant plinth ! Alpacas and Highland cows are a very popular request. The average size of a wedding is generally 90-100.

What could you not do without? I.e .ipad? To do list?

Definitely our 10 page wedding event sheets…Attention to detail is key and we ask questions from “ What song are you walking down the aisle to “ to what colour would you like the ballroom led lights set to, possibly match the colour of your bridesmaids dresses”

Have you met any Bridezillas… or groomzillas?

Now that would be telling! Of course it’s a very emotive time for couples some more than others! We are always there to be calm, patient and answer the most obscure of questions!

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