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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Sustainable appointments at Cameron House

Cameron House, has appointed Jim Brown as Director of Environment and Sustainability, alongside Tim Henson as Environment & Sustainability Officer.

Both Jim and Tim hold a long-standing passion for the environment, and have been working on the hotel’s sustainability initiatives for a number of  years, in their former Woodland & Estates Management positions. Now as they step into formal roles dedicated to Environment and Sustainability, the two aim to put Cameron House at the forefront of sustainable practice in the luxury sphere.

On his new position, Jim said, “I’m very excited to drive Cameron House to fulfil its full environmentally-conscious potential. Combining my decades-long knowledge of the resort with cutting edge technology and innovative solutions, I’m looking forward to seeing the positive changes and impacts we can make for the resort and its surrounding area as a whole. ”

Jim’s commitment to environmental stewardship and a hands-on approach to sustainable policy is embodied in his role with Cameron House Clan’s Welcome and Induction seminars, in which he presents Environment and Sustainability policy to all new employees, as well as his training of staff at all levels on environmental issues and responsibilities.

Alongside the focuses that come with his new role, Tim will continue with many of his previous woodland & estate management duties – a large part of which is conservation. Through successful preservation of native trees and wildlife Tim and his team have been instrumental in the reintroduction of the Powan fish, a species endemic to Loch Lomond, as well as the return of the red squirrel population. The installation of heated roosts have also seen a surge in bird, bat and owl wildlife year-round. 

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