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Soft Drinks Paired with Food

Belvoir Fruit Farms has collaborated with Gill Meller, chef, author and food writer, to use his expertise in matching their Pressé and Cordial range with food. Using experience gleaned from years of working in restaurants and as Head Chef at River Cottage, Gill has successfully identified which of Belvoir’s drinks partner well with popular dishes and styles of food. The most popular Belvoir drinks served in the hospitality sector are six Pressé flavours sold in 25cl bottles: Elderflower Pressé, Ginger Beer, Freshly Squeezed Lemonade, Lime & Lemongrass, Raspberry Lemonade and Cox Apple Pressé. Gill’s food pairing suggestions for these are as follows:

Elderflower Pressé with grilled or pan-roasted fish. Says Gill, “It’s particularly good with wild sea bass, especially when cooked with a little fresh thyme.”

Ginger Beers perfectly matched to dark sticky pork ribs or warm, sweet, honey and mustard-baked gammons while the squeezed lemonade he believes works well with proper fish and chips or crisp, whole-tail scampi.”

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