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Snapshot- Johnny Wilson

Johnny Wilson – Doorman, Blythswood Square

How long have you been in your current role?

I have been in my current role at Blythswood Square for two years now. Overall, I have been a doorman for seven years and have worked in London, Edinburgh, and now Glasgow. Previous to that, I was a hall porter and concierge for 18 years.

What do you love most about your job?

Meeting different people every day! I also love building a rapport with our regular guests and creating lasting relationships. I love the hands-on, fast paced element of the role and feel privileged to meet so many different people day in, day out – no two days are the same.

Any bug bears?

I always try to catch the eye of, and smile at, every single person that comes into or leaves the hotel – regardless of who they are. If the hotel is really busy and I miss someone I feel quite disappointed.

Most famous guest to stay in the hotel?

Now that would be telling. We welcome so many celebrity guests that stay each year that it would be impossible to pick just one person.

Meeting famous guests is always a highlight of working in a five-star hotel though.

Strangest request from a guest?

When I was working in a London hotel one guest wanted us to help her purchase two guinea pigs at 10pm so she could take them home to Russia – on her private jet. I managed to find a pet shop in Camden Town and arranged for them to re-open so she could go select her new pets. No matter what request I receive from a guest, I will do my upmost to help them.

Favourite time of year?

Summer time. Working in Glasgow when the sun is shining is fabulous. On a bright day in Glasgow, looking over the gardens opposite Blythswood Square, you wouldn’t know you were in the city centre. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful view from the hotel plus the hotel itself is very beautiful, so it makes me feel special to be a part of it.

What qualities do you think you must have to do the job well?

I think you have to be friendly, open and sincere, and should always have a willing-to-help attitude. When our guests enter the hotel it’s really important that they feel looked after from the moment they arrive and are offered true five-star service from the word go.

What nationality of guests are best – friendliest? Politest?

Guests from all over the world and all walks of life come to the hotel, so every guest is different and unique on their own way.

What advice do you have for ‘would be’ doormen?

To be warm and welcoming to every single person who walks through the door of your hotel. Also, get to know the city you are working in. I often give guests a quick ‘insider’s guide’ to Glasgow to let them know all the best spots across the city loved by us locals. And it goes without saying: smile, it’s part of your uniform.


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