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Mackays Hotel to host Talent Showcase on World’s Shortest Street

Mackays Hotel, a well-known family-owned hotel in Caithness has revealed plans to host its first-ever talent showcase event on Ebenezer Place, the world’s shortest street located in Wick.

Scheduled for Sunday, 20th August, between 12 pm and 2 pm, the event is set to attract people not just from the region but also from far and wide. The location of the event, Mackays Hotel, on Ebenezer Place, holds the unique distinction of officially being the world’s shortest street, measuring a mere six feet, nine inches in length.

The event will feature a variety of local talent including pipers, violinists, highland dancers, and majorette dancers who will be performing on the diminutive street, which lies next to the river Wick and Wick harbour.

The ‘Talent on the Shortest Street’ showcase event is being hosted by Murray and Ellie Lamont, the current owners of Mackays, an award-winning hotel on the famous North Coast 500.

Murray Lamont, current owner of Mackays Hotel, said, “Mackays Hotel is an integral part of local community life here in Caithness and is located on the world’s shortest street, so we’re super excited to be hosting our first local community talent showcase event on 20thAugust.

“We’re expecting hundreds of people from Wick and across the region to gather on Ebenezer place, showcase their talents and show everyone what Caithness has to offer.

“We will be serving lunches on the day and have entertainment covered for the afternoon, so all we need now is for the weather to be on our side. We also hope that our inaugural ‘Talent on the Shortest Street’ event will be the first of many to come.”


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