Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Kylesku Hotel is first addition to Highland Coast Hotels Collection

A newly-formed Scottish Highlands-based hotel company, Highland Coast Hotels, has acquired the Kylesku Hotel in Sutherland. It’s the first purchase for the company which is led by Chief Executive Roddy Watt.

The new company plans to purchase more hotels along the North Coast 500 route, building a group of independent, environmentally-friendly hotels. It also aims to help boost regional growth, and support local communities and suppliers.

As the first step in the delivery of its strategy, Highland Coast Hotels is the acquisition of the award-winning Kylesku Hotel and Restaurant, overlooking the Loch Gleann Dubh.

The hotel will be open 24/7 throughout the year, will retain its name and become part of The Highland Coast Hotels Collection.

Chief Executive, Roddy Watt comments, “Our aim is to provide the finest hospitality experiences for those visiting the North Coast 500 and to become the leading group of independent-spirited hotels on the route, for those wishing to enjoy the finest, most comfortable and authentic experience in this spectacular landscape.

“We aim to support sustainable economic growth in local Highland communities, extending the traditional season and creating year-round employment. This will offer wider choices for tourists and other visitors to the region”.

Tanja Lister, co-owner of Kylesku Hotel, commented, “We are so pleased to be handing on the baton at Kylesku, and that our much-loved hotel is to become the first member of The Highland Coast Hotels Collection. The new Group’s forward-thinking culture, and its focus on world-class hospitality and environmental sustainability has the potential to deliver so much for our local communities and the region. We could not be happier to be passing on our legacy to such a professional and culturally aligned group, and all of our team are looking forward hugely to expanding their horizons and building on the success we’ve enjoyed over the last decade of our stewardship of Kylesku Hotel.”

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