Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Kenmore Hotel sold to new owners and closes until 2023

The Kenmore Hotel in Perthshire, established on the banks of the Tay in 1572 and thought to be Scotland’s oldest Inn, has closed for a ‘major refurbishment’ following a sale to new owners.

The sale follows a turbulent year with the hotel reported to have been losing £40,000 a week due to staff shortages.

General Manager, William Inglis said on the hotels website, “Following the last two turbulent years the current owners of Kenmore Hotel have accepted an offer to sell the Kenmore Hotel.

“The hotel will be closed from the 31st March 2022 whilst the new owners consider a full refurbishment of the hotel. As this may be an extensive refurbishment the hotel will remain closed until 2023 although the exact date will be set once a full program of refurbishment is complete.”

The name of the new owner has not yet been confirmed.

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