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Gailes Golf:Leisure drive to change narrative around the menopause

Gailes Golf:Leisure in Irvine, owned and operated by SimpsInns, has launched a new initiative to help inform, inspire and support women through perimenopause and menopause.

‘Master Your Menopause’ is a new six-week course developed by personal trainer Lorraine Howie of Gailes Golf:Leisure on Marine Drive in Irvine, and it is based on both Lorraine’s own experiences and ten years of supporting female clients through menopause.

Lorraine said, “I developed the course to help women appreciate that this isn’t about going on a diet, it’s looking at lifestyle changes and changing the narrative around menopause. Menopause is a natural transition, and we should be approaching it more positively.”

Increasing awareness about menopause is one of Lorraine’s aims with the course. Lorraine added, “As I started to do more and more research around menopause, I was surprised to realise the importance of oestrogen and the role it has in balancing other hormones and how our lifestyle can have an impact on how severe symptoms might or might not be. For example, drops in oestrogen levels can make us more resistant to Insulin and chronically high levels of the stress hormone Cortisol can cause fat gain around the belly, add in a not-so-great western diet and you have the issue of weight gain that is hard to shift.”

Thankfully there are many practical steps that can ease this transition. The new programme will provide participants with positive, healthy solutions.

“We want to fuel our body to support the changes that are happening by moving away from the diet mentality. We look at lifestyle changes through nutrition, exercise, and mindset. The 6 weeks will set you up to continue a new journey, going into the menopause transition with a positive outlook rather than a negative one.” Lorraine says.

The ‘Master your Menopause’ programme is part of a continued investment by SimpsInns to develop and enhance its health and wellbeing provision, which aims to offer far more to the local community than a typical spa and leisure destination. It includes weekly sessions with Lorraine, a gym programme, nutrition plans, and full leisure membership including access to studio fitness classes and Si! Spa thermal suite.


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