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EV’s in Britain are on the up – is it time to invest in chargers at hotels?

Scandinavian countries have served as an incubator for the adoption of electric vehicles in Europe. Norway, for example, aims for the entirety of its fleet to be zero-emissions by 2025.

Initiatives like these have led to the rise of top-of-range EV charging tech providers, like Zaptec, which currently owns 50% of Norwegian market share.

Recent years have also seen a huge societal shift around doubts over EV adoption in Scotland and the rest of the UK. There is now an accepted understanding that EVs are the future, and efforts are all geared towards speeding up British adoption, rather than questioning it.

Although cost has been a primary barrier to this, we may be as close as 3 years away from price parity with combustion vehicles as costs are pushed down by first generation EVs entering the second-hand market.

This could result in an EV boom, however there are still some hurdles to jump, particularly around charging infrastructure and mindset.

A change in perspective

The UK government’s Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund has helped boost charging availability around the country, including in hotels, however charging on long drives in some areas remains an issue.

More crucially than this, to achieve real EV adoption we need to change the way we think about charging, especially since we’ve all grown up with the ‘petrol station model’ of everyone going to one specific place to refuel.

The beauty of EVs is that we don’t have to stick to this model, and we can instead transition to a new way of refuelling – grazing.

Grazing entails charging in small doses wherever you go, e.g. a few hours at work, when parked on the street, at a hotel, the supermarket or at home. EVs will open up new possibilities like this and allow us to be more ambitious in our thinking, rather than simply electrifying the current refuelling infrastructure.

Not only will this shift in mindset benefit drivers, it will also turn places like hotels into mini-petrol stations, opening up a new revenue stream as well as a new amenity for visitors.

Electrifying hotels

Founded on the rugged west coast of Norway, Zaptec aims to bring the Scandinavian expertise in EVs to the UK’s charging infrastructure through the Zaptec Pro, which is designed specifically for public spaces such as hotels. Given its heritage, Zaptec has reams of knowledge to share with the rest of the world and can offer solutions that have been tried and tested successfully in Norway. The Zaptec Pro, uses patented phase rotation technology, which enables the fastest possible charging time from a 3-phase supply. The charger also comes future-ready with over-the-air updates and allows payment methods to be tailored specifically to the use case or location. This means that hotel managers will never have to worry about being left behind as technology advances in the coming years, and it will allow them to customise payment options according to their clientele. In true Scandinavian style Zaptec combines the latest tech with human-centred design to offer highly intuitive and efficient chargers that make EVs more accessible.

By offering cutting edge, green-tech charging solutions, Zaptec aims to support the electrification of the UK’s transport sector while giving people the freedom and potential to travel into a more sustainable future. Find out more about the Zaptec Pro – as well as Zaptec’s home cahrger, the Zaptec Go – at

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