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Do you want to raise your profile and increase your bookings?

It’s no secret that small hotels, guest houses and bed-and-breakfasts have had a terrible time during the pandemic. But at last, with the arrival of the various vaccines, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now is the time to maximise your efforts and welcome back paying guests by raising your profile. This is where “Get Seen Get Booked” will show you how it’s done. 

Manager/owners of small hospitality establishments have a myriad of roles to play, from cleaner and caterer to launderer, bookkeeper and legal eagle. But in the end, the whole enterprise lives or dies on the number of guest bookings.
“Get Seen Get Booked” is an online programme specifically designed by the owners of a guest house with significant marketing experience. It assists other owners to market their property more effectively, while still managing the day-to-day requirements of running their operation.

Once a property owner has completed the set up, it only takes 15 minutes a day to deliver an integrated marketing plan that will increase bookings, increase the number of nights stayed per booking, and attract more of these bookings directly (as opposed to paying commission to online travel agents) – the 3 golden rules of marketing for small hotel owners!

Significantly, this course has been prepared specifically for owners of small hotels, guest houses, cottages and B&Bs. It is not a “generic” marketing course. It has been written, tailored and tested by marketing people who now run their own guest house. As a result, the advice is very specific. You won’t find it full of generalised, Google, Facebook or PR advice that can be found anywhere on the web. It does not waste time going into massive detail on digital marketing theory. Instead, it focuses on the essentials of marketing a small hotel, explaining how to do it well, in just 15 minutes a day.

Topics covered include:• Your website• Online booking systems• Local activity guides• Digital activity• Online advertising• Bloggers and influencers• Newsletters• Public Relations• Travel Guides• Travel Agents

There is also a final module to assist with preparing an annual plan that, once implemented, will ensure you get everything done that needs done. 

Together with Hotel Scotland, we’re delighted to offer readers 25% off from now until the end of May 2021, making the course available for just £21. Just use code HMS25 at checkout!

Visit us now at: www.getseengetbooked.com

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