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The Marmalade Hotel

It is surely an endorsement of successful design and testament to solid client relationships when the designer is asked to return to a former project to devise its sequel. When the original project was the refurbishment of a grand Georgian villa and its sublime setting the Isle of Skye, this only adds to the notion of a deferential posture: the joy that is enkindled by such an undertaking.
So it was that ICA was invited to return to the Marmalade Hotel in the Isle of Skye

to design an extension wing that houses an additional 23 guestrooms; each with an aspect providing spectacular views out across the bay to the rugged beauty of the Cuillin mountain range.

ICA Associate, Douglas Young, commented,  “This has been an important project for us; it has been a challenging brief to satisfy in an area of outstanding beauty. The scale of the building and its close affinity with the landscape is demonstrative of our creative ingenuity and has given us the opportunity to deliver again for a client we have enjoyed working with in the past.”

Perched on a plinth of blonde stone and clad in black larch, the extension is assuredly contemporary in an understated manner that is appropriate to both the existing villa and its breath-taking landscape.

Douglas explains this sympathetic approach and the notion of a deferential posture:

“The building is located subserviently to the existing building to retain the stature and setting of the Georgian structure—the extension runs off at an angle, set back to frame the historic building and to maximise the views.”

Whilst the original Georgian villa retains its prominence, with its full harled render and stone pilaster frontage, gables, and existing courtyard spaces left untouched, it is offset by the striking design of its extension. Projecting frames and fixed shutters punctuate the rhythm of the black-timbered verticals, which take their place amongst the canopies of the surrounding treescape. Meanwhile, the serenity of the interiors of the guestrooms acts as a counterpoint to the rugged beauty of the Isle of Skye.

ICA’s Lead Interior Designer for the project, Lorraine Sansom said, “The guestrooms have a pared-down, contemporary feel with a nod to the traditional aspects of the heritage of the original building. Each guestroom has a full-height window, which provides fantastic views from the elevated vantage that the hilltop hotel enjoys over Loch Portree and the Sound of Raasay. The extension offers a generous amount of accommodation whilst retaining an authentic boutique hotel atmosphere.”

Altogether, the design of the extension is befitting its context and the overall effect is complementary to the existing hotel and its setting. Happily, the client concurs:

Angela Finlay, Operations Director, Perle Hotels comments, “The extension was designed in subservience to the original building, the end result is that far from playing second fiddle, the extension is a beautiful piece of design in its own right—and a joyful surprise on approaching the hotel.”

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