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Auchrannie Resort closed until 29 January 2021

The employee-owned Auchrannie resort on the Isle of Arran has closed until the end of January because of the impact on its business by Covid restrictions.

Auchrannie co-founder and managing director Linda Johnston said,  “The travel and other restrictions in place since the introduction of the tier system on 2 November 2020, ever changing guidelines and uncertain times ahead make it impossible for the business to trade viably at this time. It is therefore with great sadness and regret that we announce the closure of the Resort until 29 January 2021.

“Arran businesses implemented Covid precautions responsibly and effectively and this was demonstrated during the four months from July 2020 when the island was able to trade effectively and welcomed large numbers of visitors without a single case of Covid-19.  ”

The move follows a similar one made by the Gleneagles Hotel and The Atholl Palace.

Linda added, “With the furlough in place, our team is protected, whilst closing the resort allows us to minimise costs and reduce risk by creating certainty instead of speculation in our cash flow projections.

“Having said that, we still need to cover very high fixed costs each month we are closed which run into 6 figures (for which we receive very little support) but we would face a much larger loss if we attempt to continue trading in the current situation.”










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